Monday, September 21, 2009

The ultimate recycler

Its been an interesting day. I had several poeple bring me in their treasures. It never ceases to suprise me what people collect and what people have tucked in cupboards.
One gentleman whose wife died several years ago is moving house and he brought me in several boxes of treasures. It amazes me how much tastes change and yet how much they stay the same. He had a lovely Carltonware coffee set from the seventies, you know the ones tall pots, honey brown with circular bands around the base decorated with sunflowers.
For those of us who have lived through the retro era we do not want to revisit it in any shape or form. athe young twenty somethings are a different breed.
They think retro is so cool. If you are into retro my shop has some very nice examples at the moment.
My writing is progressing nicely. Have decided to let my characters talk a little more even if it means trimming other things a litte.
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