Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Computer Literacy

I've been really pushed, intellectually, in creating a website. It hasn't taken too much effort to follow the web creation course lectures. Jem and Gracie are such great teachers and so patient. I would recommend their Three Bears Method of web creation to anyone.

I ran into problems publishing the trial page on the web and that really showed me where to turn for help. Jem's instructions were explicit and the webhosting help desk was briliiant. So between the three of us I finally achieved success. It just goes to show you can teach old dogs new tricks.

I can't say the same for my computer technician. He more or less told me I was on my own because I didn't get him to do it for me, at humungeous cost!

Today's young ones are born knowing how to do all this techno stuff, it takes us older people a concentrated effort to acheive the same results. When we were children computers, websites,emails and all the other technogadgets were in the realms of science fiction.

How times have changed.

I always remember my father telling me that when he was a boy he used to read fantasy like Jules Verne's Twentythousand Leagues Under The Sea and he lived long enough to see fantasy become reality.  It's an eerie sensation to realise that the fantasy we imagined as children, like phones where wecould see the people calling us, are now realities.

Will our children and great grandchildren see their fantasies live to become reality?  

It's enough to boggle the most sanguine mind.
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