Sunday, October 18, 2009

Waikato Writer's Group meeting; Fat Pigeon Cafe: Ana Namu life coach.

What a fantastic meeting! Anu Namu was great and I've come home inspired to give my characters a good talking to. I've been mulling over her techniques and can see that they have a very useful place when your character's don't want to co-operate. And boy do my characters ever have a mind of their own! They demand that I tell their story not what I, the poor humble author thinks should be their story!

Writing sure highlights your prejudices, foibles and eccentricities.

I had a wonderful time staying over night with Jenny and Pete, thanks so much guys. I was too tired to face the journey home. Loved your shop Jenny. Your organisation puts mine to shame!   

The group congregated at The Fat Pigeon in Pio Pio for lunch. What a fantastic cafe. The food was sublime although I was a little startled to ask for two mussel fritters (my absolute favourite food group) and I was served two plates! Oh well! They boxed the second meal and I enjoyed it that evening.

It is many years since I've visited the small King Country town and I was suitably impressed. The artwork, the shops, The Village Green all show that small town New Zealand not only thrives, it's forward looking and embraces change.
It was great to catch up with all the girls in our writing group and hear where they are at with their works in progress. The energy created by these meetings keeps me inspired for the lonely work during the month.
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