Friday, October 9, 2009

Writing Progress

    The book challenge has become more than a little challenging.  After having a mini break away and then coming back to the backlog of work that always seems to accumulate when the boss is away it's been a tough couple of days to even plug in the laptop.
    Add to that characters who refuse to co-operate make for slow progress. The trouble is I dreamed the ending of the book in glorious technicolour so the middle meaty bit needs to work out all the nuts and bolts as it progresses to make the ending have the punch it needs.
    For the first time I have an amnesiatic heroine and it's taxing to make it credible.
   Writing I've decided is like real estate. In real estate it's location, location, location. With writing it's motivation, motivation, motivation.
    If the motivation is right, and you  delve into your characters psyche, the story has punch and verve.
    For me, as the author, motivation is the key.
    Both in setting and keeping up with goals as well as sending work out into the big wide world.
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