Monday, November 23, 2009

Waikato writers Christmas

This last weekend went to  my first Christmas party of the season. And with it the realisation that Christmas and the new year is just around the corner.

And wonder of wonders it was warm and sunny. When a group of writers get together you can guarantee a good time had by all. Lots of laughter, warm compassionate 500 word Christmas stories, that ranged from the hillarious to the tender and brought many a tear to the eye.

As a fun activity, we formed groups and re-enacted some of the great love stories in history giving them a modern day twist.

I'm sure Shakespeare would have appreciated out efforts to translate Romeo and Juliet and Mark Antony and Cleopatra into modern day usage. It was a laugh a minute.

Although, being a little old school, where **** language was considered woolshed language, and not fit for polite society, I confess to being a tad uncomfortable with modern day lingo. The teachers in the group explained this was normal playground vernacular, and I find that quite sad.

It's adding to what many refer to as the 'bastardisation' of English. It is a great pity that so many of our young ones have lost the art of writing a clear message or being able to comprehend written English.

The English language has always had a fascination for me, one I get great joy from in my writing.

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