Thursday, September 24, 2009

A Kauri Tree has Fallen in the forest

It is a very sad day for all new Zealanders today with the passing of Sir Howard Morrison.

A great man, a wonderful entertainer, and an inspiration to the nation.


Monday, September 21, 2009

The ultimate recycler

Its been an interesting day. I had several poeple bring me in their treasures. It never ceases to suprise me what people collect and what people have tucked in cupboards.
One gentleman whose wife died several years ago is moving house and he brought me in several boxes of treasures. It amazes me how much tastes change and yet how much they stay the same. He had a lovely Carltonware coffee set from the seventies, you know the ones tall pots, honey brown with circular bands around the base decorated with sunflowers.
For those of us who have lived through the retro era we do not want to revisit it in any shape or form. athe young twenty somethings are a different breed.
They think retro is so cool. If you are into retro my shop has some very nice examples at the moment.
My writing is progressing nicely. Have decided to let my characters talk a little more even if it means trimming other things a litte.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Writing project

Today is a red letter day...sort of. I finished my book but then all the minor characters are clammering at me to have their say.
I must confess that when I first wrote this book I envisaged it being a much longer book. Not a short category romance. As it has yet to see the light of day with a publisher I'm considering adding the extra layers that take it from a good small read to a multilayered one.

Not an easy decision but one that's yammering on my subconscious harder by the hour.

Or perhaps my trouble is I love my characters so much I don't want to say goodbye.

Now I have to seriously consider a title. Bookends LLC had a neat blog on titles that is worth reading. So I want something short and catchy.

All blacks beat the Aussies

It was great to see the Allblacks beat our arch rivals The Wallabies in the third test last night. With Richie McCaw and Dan Carter back on board it was a great showing by the boys.

It just goes to show that for writers heros are everywhere.
Even when they're muddy and sweaty at the end of a game those fifteen guys look awesome. Mils Muliaina, I adore that name, it rolls off your tongue like warm chocolate, and Joe Rokocoko and Ma'a Nonu are all great favourites of mine.

 Back to writing, after long hours of concentrated editing and polishing I now have my lastest manuscript almost ready to send off. Another few hours and a quiet read through to pick up any hitches and I think....I only think mind.. it might be okay.

Have just been heartened to read a quote from Dame Lynley Dodd: "A good writer is never satisfied by second best. Writing children's books is not easy"
No writing is easy, it's a writer's skill that makes it appear easy. How many people have read a book and said "I can do that!"
And how many of those manuscripts are languishing in bottom drawers.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Favourite Quotation

Procrastination is not only a thief of time it is a thief of self-respect also
Had an interesting afternoon with our monthly writing group meeting, the Waikato/Bay of Plenty branch of the Romance Writers of New Zealand.

Sandra discussed blogs and blogging so I thought this a good time to activate the blog I've had on hold for a little while now.

It has been a beautiful spring so far with lovely sunny days and no wind to destroy the blossoms. At the moment the Awanui cherries are in full bloom and are absolutely amazing.