Friday, April 9, 2010

Busy Creative Time

    It's been a busy few weeks for me. What with family, business and writing committments the days seem to have gone by on wings.
    One of my sisters has had to have a knee replacement and is not having an easy time of it. Watching her struggle has made me far more aware of taking care of my own creaky joints. Now that autumn is truly upon us, the leaves are very colourful, and the clocks have gone back, the evenings are drawing in, any aches and pains seem to multiply.
   I've inherited her two chihuahuas for several weeks and they are such cute little dogs. But out of their home millieu they've been indulging in a few pecking order fights. I didn't realise that tiny as they are, the little mutts can fight every bit as fiercely as bigger dogs. I've had to step in and settle a couple of arguments. Who said dogs are like children? Too true.  
   We had a lovely impromptu family gathering when out eldest grandchild recently married. In romance novels we read where hero and heroine decide to marry within a few days and the mad scramble that occurs to make that happen.
    So it was really a huge amount of fun to watch a spontaneous wedding happen in real life.
    The groom arrived with the bride, very pregnant with twins, and carrying the milk for the cup of tea afterwards. Very different! And you'd better believe I have a photo of that!
    After the ceremony, Gran and Pop did the grandparently thing and took the whole wedding party out for lunch. It was a bit ticklish to settle on a venue that would welcome a party of twelve without a booking. An added problem was we weren't in our city so were not sure what venues were available.
    We settled on a venue that provided a great smorgasboard and with a little extra finagling we also produced a wedding cake. A fantastic layered chocolate mousse cake that was so yummy.
    Afterwards we all walked through the fantastic Hamilton Gardens. I've read several articles about the gardens but it's my first visit. I aim to go back for a more leisurely stroll. I'll never be able to indulge my passion for gardens and gardening. The day I cease to be able to garden is the day I'll cease to exist.
    All in all a lovely day...and what fabulous fodder for a romance writer. 
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