Thursday, June 24, 2010

Rain Rain go away! Writing progresses.

If ever there was just cause for that old fashioned jingle it is now. After a steady lashing for the past few weeks I now wish we could enjoy a spell of fine weather even if it brings the frosts and the cold!

Sunshine would be more than welcome.

I greatly enjoyed the last writer's meeting and listening to the tape of the workshop given by Donald Mass on "Finding the fire within."

It really resonated with me.
A hands on workshop made you dig deep within yourself and your current WIP,  a very practical approach.

It also resonated because using your setting as a character or protagonist is something I really strive for and something that judges have commented on in my work. I have harboured doubts about doing this but this workshop gave me a sense of very valuable validation.

As a purely fun thing I entered the first 25 words of my WIP  in Miss Snark's Fisrt Victim contest.  Mine was #35. 

I was agreeably surpised by some of the worthy comments, and that such a small amount of writing could attract such valuable and often insightful feedback is staggering.

I've also had valuable feedback from the judges in RWNZ'S Great beginnings competiton. The loveliest comment being that I was obviously on the brink of being published.

I do wish I could magically step over that Brink.

Is there someone lurking there who would like to give me a shove?    
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