Thursday, July 29, 2010

Progress at A Snail's Pace.

I have spent the past week revising a manuscript.

I read a blog about the importance of examining every sentence. Looking at the structure, word choice, impact, clarity and how each word and phrase progresses the story. It has been an enlightening excercise.

At the same time I've scrutinised each character's motivation, personality quirks and ensure they stay within their own character's profile.
It is so very easy to write a generic group of characters that have very little differentiation.

After so many years writing I found it sobering to recognise silly errors that marred otherwise crisp writing.
Repeated words. Using different words to convey the same  meaning. Such repetition  slows the pace and makes reading slow and tedious.

And the great thing about this slow methodical review is the crisp clarity and the definition of each character. Every piece of dialogue is scrutinised.  Each conversation has to move the plot, define the character, and create a believable and empathetic character.

The change is incredible but maybe, just maybe I'm a little biased.

No. I did the same for the book that finaled in the Clendon so perhaps I am finally learning the art of editing.

That blog has made me stop and really think about my craft and the prusuit of excellence is its own reward. 
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