Wednesday, August 11, 2010


The upside of finaling in The Clendon award is being asked to do a profile for RWNZ Heart to Heart magazine.

The questions posed made me stop and think about my writing and why I do it.

For me it's the love of the written word that keeps me slugging away at my computer. So am I unique in this compulsion? By no means.

A regular customer in our antique shop is an old guy who used to write TV scripts in the early days of TV in New Zealand. He was a script writer for the series Pounamu. He's still plugging away on his old Remington typewriter slaving over a manuscript which he readily confesses may never see the light of day.

When I asked him why he still writes he gave me a wonderful luminous smile and said, 'There' s plenty of time to stop writing when I stop breathing.'

How well said. To me writing is my pleasure, my passion and my great escape. I can honestly say I do not know the meaning of boredom.

I’ve contemplated giving up writing but I have these annoying voices in my head that won’t allow me any peace.

They are like a lot of unruly children clamouring “Pick me. Pick me.”

Which is how my present Work in Progress  has come about.

I’ve had a fascination with Sailor’s Grave just north of Tairua on the Coromandel Peninsular for years. Now that place, and its ghosts, is coming to life.

If I get published well and good.

If not, I get great pleasure from playing with my imaginary people. I’m never lonely or bored that’s for sure
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