Tuesday, January 18, 2011

New Year Writing Goals and Celebrating a wonderful find

A new year is not only well under way for me it is also a new cycle in this journey we all call life.

Christmas time every year is a double whammy celebration as I also celebrate another birthday. And this year we had a lovely family dinner served on an antique dinner service a lovely G & J Meakin one. There is a very touching personal story behind this dinner service. For years as a Christmas baby, my grandmother and mother gave me cup saucer and plate sets. (Obviously stumped for choice of the double whammy gifts).

Most of these sets remain intact in my cabinet and are brought out and used with great pride on special occasions. I suspect this gift giving was the start of my love affair with china, and certainly led me into the field of antiques.

My Nana gave me one in this pattern, a lovely cream ware set with a big spray of luscious blackberries. It met a sad fate when my children decided on a mud pie tea party and borrowed it and alas it never survived.

I've never seen the pattern again until recently. I've since found the odd piece and was slowly amassing pieces then just before Christmas I found a whole dinner service.

Perhaps this is an omen but I decided to write another book at the same time as I found this dinner service.

And it is already three quarters finished.

I'd forgotten how much I enjoy the creative process. The writing down on words as they pour into my brain.
Where do they come from? I can never find an adequate answer.

Now I know where the original idea for the story came from. We used to live in a house that overlooked a much used walkway to the village centre. One day while doing the dishes I saw this woman running up the walkway at great speed looking over her shoulder long blonde hair streaming back over her shoulder. 

My rational mind said she was probably a local teacher late for school. My devious creative mind... ah that's a whole different ball game.

The image stuck in my mind.

And so Ashlyn Pritchard was born.  I've grown to love this feisty and yet vulnerable heroine.

And of course the man who steps in to save her. Katherine Bay bad boy Jace Mullein. I don't know what it is about bad boys. You've just got to love them even if you and your heroine could frequently slap them upside of the head.
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