Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Competitions Aspirations and Weaknessess

February is competition month.

I have just emailed my entry of to Chicago For the Fire and Ice contest. There seem to be  a lot of entries from RWNZ writers so the best of luck everyone.

I am doing the last minute editing on my entry for The Clendon award. It has to be in by 25th February.
On the SSE loop I made the rash promise to send off a synopsis and query letter every week in the hopes that one will land on fertile ground.

So after my entry for the Clendon is safely away I'm going to brush up on my skills for query letters. It is one area where I know I am weakest. And I read recently that the biggest hurdle to overcoming weakness is to first be willing to acknowledge a weakness exists.

Utilising that theory I should be able to over come my reservations about query letters and synopsis writing.
I'll keep my blog updated with my successes and failures in this endeavour.
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