Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Finish Line in Sight and character finds.

At last I'm down to the final chapter.

Two months and counting.

And what  a lot of things I've discovered about my characters.
The heroine can slay people with a look. She has courage dignity warmth and yet at times she can be icily aloof. But most seriously of all one throw away comment in the first chapter has shaped her progression throughout the book.

And this was a suprise twist for me... but what do I know I'm only the author.

My bad boy hero has a propensity for putting a foot in his mouth. He's protective sexy and wicked by turns. And I just about drool over him myself. I know he makes my heartbeat race a little.

He can put his boots under my bed any night he likes. (My DH doesn't do computers. Am I lucky or what?)

But onwards the finish line beckons and I have one dragon to slay. And he wasn't who I thought was the bad guy earlier either...

So many surprising twists.

I do love writing. 
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