Saturday, February 12, 2011

Finished and Pesky Repeats Dealt To

I never fail to get a real buzz when I can actually write the end to a novel.

And last night I did just that. In the process I found a wonderful website where you can copy a sample of your text and it tells you how many repeated phrases there are.

After working through the manuscript I used it and was amazed at how many pet phrases I use. In one section the phrase  "moved over" was used 47 times!

With a little judicial sentence structure changes these over used phrases were reduced to an acceptable level. (I think).   I have always been aware of this idiosyncrasy as I can pick writers blind fold by pet phrases or words. One writer I love to read uses the words:
obviously  :
and her characters are ....types  
Often all three are used  together.
So  frequently does this happen I now have  fun picking out how many times she uses these three words in a chapter.
It's a flaw every writer needs to be very aware of. And I was very grateful for Peter Clendon for posting this useful little website on our Romance Writers Loop.
It made me look out for words and phrase I wasn't even consciously aware  of over using. 
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