Sunday, March 13, 2011

Romance Novels in the modern world

The more I see of world news the faster I reach for a good uplifting romance novel.

After the recent devastation in Christchurch we are again seeing the appalling destruction wreaked by mother nature in Japan. That this time the devastation is on the other side of the world makes it no less terrifying.  And reinforces how very fragile is the link between life and death.

It reinforces how closely humans lives are interconnected in this global world. There is no time lapse to blunt these catastrophic events. We witness the  earthquake and resulting tsunami as it is happens.
In ages past happenings on the other side of the world didn't reach our shores until the arrival of the next ship from the Northern hemisphere. With the advent of Radio such news as the outbreak of war, the death of a sovereign was reported in good time with the printing of the next newspaper.

Now, modern communication mean such tragedies as the Japan Earthquake, Colonel Gaddaffi murdering his countrymen to retain a grip on power, wars in other countries are viewed in all their gripping immediacy as they happen.

And, as individuals, such happenings only serve to emphasise our powerlessness. Who can reason with Mother Nature or a tyrannical despot or brainwashed terrorists?
With the instant viewing of such horror is it any wonder romance novels and other escapist genres are in such high demand.  They are the antidote to the horror of our everyday lives.

The human mind can only cope with so much trauma.

I know without a good book I could never cope with our modern day realities and I suspect there are many other people like me.

Long live Romance.  
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