Thursday, May 19, 2011

New Directions/Competitions/Achievements

After a busy few weeks it is time for me to regroup and take stock.

With the sale of our business there is more time to catch up on all the things I've been too busy to get done... like the garden and the housework. Housework has never been my highest priority but I do like living in a clean and relatively tidy environment. I live by the maxim that when I walk into a cemetery and read on a tombstone She was the cleanest housekeeper on the street then I will take this activity seriously!

Helping judge our RWNZ chapter short story contest is an both honor and a privilege. It takes an enormous amount of courage for any writer to put his or her work out there in a contest and have a complete stranger objectively read and evaluate it.

Committing a story to the page is akin to giving birth. And putting your precious baby out there  to be evaluated and critiqued is a scary business. That story is your baby and what proud parent likes being told their pride and joy has an ugly nose?

When judging contests I always look for the positives because in every piece of writing there is always something commendable...a lovely turn of phrase that arrests a reader with its sheer beauty.

One such phrase caught my imagination... her heart plummeted like a gannet in free fall... what a lovely image. And in my view any writer who can conjure up such an image in a few words needs every word of encouragement she can get.

I know this because I too put myself out there... and was delighted to win an on-line editorial pitch with Silhouette Desire. The pitch asked for a two paragraph back page blurb of a novel.

The resulting pitch,  while nerve wracking was also productive. I was asked for as partial and a synopsis.... so here's keeping all my pinkies and toes crossed.

As the young ones say.... watch this space          

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