Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Macsyna King Furore

I am staggered at the outcry over the new tell all book "Breaking Silence".

About Macsyna King, dubbed the most hated mother in New Zealand, and written by Ian  Wishart this book has provoked an unprecedented backlash of wrath. A Facebook page set up to activate a boycott on buying this book has more than 20,000 followers in just two days. Every bookseller's page on Facebook has also received multiple comments the overwhelming majority being from irate customers claiming they will boycott sellers and stores who stock this book.

The book details the lifestyle and events leading up to and surrounding the murder of King's three month old twin sons Chris and Cru Kahui.  Their violent deaths provoked an outcry when it happened. And again when the twins' father was tried for their murder and acquitted by a jury of his peers. And now six years later while the inquest is being held on these unfortunate babies' deaths, a tell all book is destined to hit bookstores.

The author has appeared in television interviews claiming the public outrage is just (and I use his words here) an outpouring of hate...a witch hunt...a burning or drowning of witches... and a lynch mob mentality.

But I would venture to suggest the public anger stems from a much deeper source than a mere knee jerk angry response. The murder of the Kahui twins is an horrific stain on our National character. The reasons are not hard to find.

The victims were fragile defenceless babies in the care of several adult family members.

Their mother admitted using P and partying in the hours before these babies died.

They were not fed for at least 20 hours.

When their parents finally sought medical help, on the way to hospital, they (the parents) stopped off and enjoyed a meal of takeaways while two critically injured babies were left in the car.

Added to this the Kahui family closed ranks and refused to answer police questions until the whole whanau had time to get their stories straight. And I will not touch the ugly rumours that surrounded the reasons for the Kahui family's silence.  As a result when the father was charged with murder the prosecution was unable to make it stick.

To date no person has be held accountable for the murder of two innocent babies and now the sorry excuse for a mother is being portrayed by the author as a victim....

This whole tragic story touches every one of us... it bruises the human heart...and breaks the cardinal rule that any civilized society breaks at its peril....the protection of our young.

But to me the saddest part of this whole sorry saga is that the outcry and controversy provoked by this book will without doubt make it a bestseller.  The author and publisher will make a great deal of money.  And the people who buy it will no doubt be repulsed by it....and be able to justify the purchase by taking the moral high ground....THEY would never behave or act in this way.

In my opinion this is one book that no tree should ever have been sacrificed to publish.
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