Sunday, July 24, 2011

Pitching at Conference

To pitch ...or not to pitch...that is the paraphrase The Baird.
I have to confess that pitching scares me witless...I hyperventilate and I'm sure I don't make sense and no matter how much I tell myself that an editor or an agent are only people...just as I am a person it makes little odds.

Not that I've had much success with pitches made at conference. I've pitched and been asked for partials by two editors....and have I heard back?

Not one word.

I know editors are busy people but surely there is something called common courtesy... even an emailed line saying thanks but no thanks....would be better than being left in limbo.

The agents I've pitched to have all given a response...maybe not the response I was hoping for but a negative response is far better than no response at all.

And this has shaken my confidence a little bit more but I've decided to grit my teeth and persevere.

I have made a vow that this is the year that I am going to put my work out there.

A whole slew of computer files is testimony to a substantial body of work completed/ So it is more than time these files were put out there. But dragging one's feet is a very bad character trait of mine.

And one I'm working hard to overcome.
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