Monday, July 25, 2011

Visiting Old Posts and even older history

I have just spent an hour reading through all my old posts.

What a fascinating glimpse of the past few years and yet it's sobering how much stays the same. How my absolute loves creep into most every post.  Birds, gardening and a bucket list of things to do. Gradually this bucket list is being dealt to.

Since we've retired my husband and I have decided to do something different every weekend...we really need the excuse to take our new car out of the garage.... Last weekend we walked around Gilmour Lake and then partway around the pit rim of the opencast Martha Mine. It's amazing how many interesting places there are in a town as small as Waihi.

Gilmour Lake, a lovely tranquil spot, was full of all the feverish activity of yacht racing. Miniature yacht enthusiasts were pitting their skills against each other with all the dedication of  yachties  in the Americas Cup.
Fun to watch and also fun to watch the ducks and geese reacting to these invaders...Hilarious at times.

Yesterday we walked around and through the ruins of the old goldmines in the Karagahake Gorge. Seeing the relics of those huge underground workings makes me appreciate the sheer hard work of our pioneer forefathers. The contrast between the opencast pit and the huge earth moving machines that have literally moved a mountain and the old workings of a century earlier is little short of mind boggling.

Whenever I think of the current use of open cast mines a quote from the Bible comes to mind.

"If I have faith I could remove mountains....."
In the twenty first century one doesn't need faith... just gelignite and an few big bulldozers.

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