Monday, July 11, 2011

Winter Writing Woes

Winter should be the time a writer hibernates and writes.... right?


For the first time in years I have no other calls on my time for work...we sold our antique shop in April...and I was determined to spend my entire time writing.

Well that was the plan....but who was it that said How oft the plans of mice and men are reduced to dust.

Very apt and sage that quotation turns out to be. I didn't take into consideration the amount of paperwork involved in winding up my business affairs. By the time I've consulted with the accountant, The Inland Revenue about tax owing, GST returns, employee PAYE not to mention the taxing exactness of stocktaking....and the list goes on....and on...and on.

More than three months have passed and there's hardly a word added to my Work In Progress.

At last the end is in sight. I've paid my accountant...put in my last GST return...filed our annual tax returns and in the meantime the urgency of all this extra book work has ensured I missed the deadlines for two writing contests I was keen to enter.

Ah well those are the breaks...and as Georgette Heyer said in one of her Regency novels...Crying over spilled milk is such a melancholy thing to do. 

At last all that tedious work is behind me and now have time to devote to writing.

Turning to my WIP I discovered I don't really like it and have lost the thread I started.

But rather than delete it all I've decided to put it on a back burner  and revisit an earlier script languishing in the bowels of my computer files. This manuscript has twice placed highly in The Clendon Award but rejected by New York editors. The time lapse has given me the ability to look at it with fresh eyes and see its flaws and its good points.

And having followed the superb series on layering your manuscript posted by Vicki English on her Camelot blogspot I've been able to give this old manuscript a fresh edge. For anyone interested in adding sparkle to their work this series is one I heartily recommend. I find myself going back to it often the advice is sound and very simple and with all simple things easy to do and follow.

But despite these setbacks I do have work out there.
A requested partial with Harlequin Desire after winning an on line pitch. And my Entry in The 2011 Clendon Award.  And next month is the Conference.

So writing hasn't completely stalled and spring is in the air.... the lilac is budding.... and plants seldom get things wrong... right.
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