Sunday, August 7, 2011

Choosing an agent and a publisher

With Romance Writer's of New Zealand conference very close on the horizon this is a subject that is very much on most writers' minds. Those among our ranks lucky enough to be with a publishing house or have an agent have been through the nerve wracking process.

Despite dozens of queries I have yet to snare either. And my foray into publishing has been far from successful. With my first book I was admittedly as green as grass. The book was published in NZ and the firm promptly went belly up...and with it a lot of my blood sweat and tears.  It still burns me to see copies of that book being sold on online sites and I've never received a cent in royalties....

This has made me doubly cautious but when my second book was accepted by a e-book publisher in America in the first flush of excitement I overlooked a few very necessary details...  Research....research and yes you guessed it research.
And the results were depressingly predictable.
I can't deny the experience has somewhat shaken my confidence but I'm not from stubborn Irish stock for nothing..... you know the old motto...if at first you don't succeed try and try again.

It is often said third time lucky..... and one thing is certain...I'm done with walking into anything blind with trust.  This time around I've spent hours online researching agents.... reading different lines put out by different publishers trying my best to gauge where I think my work would comfortably sit.

And at our upcoming conference have secured pitches with both  an editor and an agent. I have my toes and pinkies crossed that the third time will prove to be the magic charm.

And as I stand outside the door hyperventilating I will repeat to myself..... editors and agents are people just like me.

So if anyone hears me looking worried and talking to myself .... don't take fright and call the men in white coats. But then that could be a life saver if I get in that room and my mind goes blank.

I hope it doesn't happen....I've already got my flash cards done and learned off by heart.

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