Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Conference Time

The countdown is well and truly more sleep!!!
My bag is clothes sorted although I have to confess to struggling with anything that would make me look regal... a bag of books to put on the table...items to add to the raffle table....a stock of $2 coins... was there anything else....

Darn it... I almost forgot my pitches.

This year I have three editor and agent hunt is well underway.

My first Pitch is with the lovely Lucy Gilmore from Harelquin Mills and Boon London office. Lucy is taking pitches across all of Harlequin's lines and as I aim my writing at Special Edition and Super Romance  lines I am very excited about this one.

My second pitch is with Jessica Faust.
At the last minute I managed to secure a pitch with Jessica when someone else pulled out. From Bookend Literary Agency, Jessica has a wealth of information  on the publishing industry....I have been a longtime follower of her blog. If I have a query a scroll through her posts will almost always provide an answer.
I would love to secure her as an agent.... finger's and toes crossed.

And my third pitch is with  Angela James from Carina Press the digital arm of Harlequin. And if the way forward is with digital publishing this could be a very good place to be.

So it will be a busy weekend what with all the talking laughing catching up with writing buddies and attending so many wonderful workshops it will be a full on weekend.

And the reason for all the $2 coins...Sony have donated an e-reader to be raffled..... sigh....I'm dreaming....
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