Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A Character Takes Over My Mind

I can't shake this woman? Why? When she appeared in my last book I didn't like her at all...she is holier than thou and so supercilious, and she thinks she's a cut above everyone else. Her own mother said she's a pretentious snob....

Ah...the higher the climb the harder the fall.

In real life a person like this would barely impinge on my radar and definitely a person I would not regard as a friend.

And yet here she is taking shape in my mind and pushing aside Heath...whose story I have to finish. The last in my Katherine Bay trilogy that an editor is waiting for. So all day yesterday  I alternated between the two working first on one and then on the other. And there is a touch of the supernatural creeping in.

I've never been a fan of the supernatural in my reading and yet when I have a character who blacks out and then wakes up and thinks she's with the Devil....  And then when I switch back to the first book I find she's tainted it and this taint is giving my hero an edge that is edgier than sharp....

Who am I to complain....I'm merely the writer...and it looks like osmosis is working here.
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