Monday, September 26, 2011

Characters that annoy

Sitting at my desk attacking my WIP and I'm getting sidetracked by a really annoying character. She won't let me be...perhaps because she's in danger standing atop of a waterfall debating with herself whether or not to Jump.   

When I sat down to write Heath's story I promised myself I was not going to wander off at a tangent but concentrate on "Finishing the damn Book". 

But Genevieve has other ideas....I keep telling her "Don't Jump". I'm trying to persuade her not to make a permanent solution out of what is a solvable problem.... trouble is I can't quite picture who the hero is who will prevent her taking that fatal leap.  Is this character determined to spoil her sibling's happiness by committing suicide almost on her doorstep. 
I want to tell her to go away but her very real danger keeps calling to me.

Surely writers have to question their mental health....we not only have conversations with imaginary people....we write them down for others to read.
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