Sunday, September 11, 2011

Launching My Baby Into the World...A Writer's Doubts

Well I've done it.

Launched my baby out into the hostile world...and now it has to sink or swim on it's own merit...

Pangs of guilt are hard to ignore's a hostile and uncertain world out there.

Will my baby make it or will it be sent back to me bleeding and wounded... Or will it be snatched up and run with the crowd... buffeted and trumpeted from the rooftops....only to be shredded by critics...

With the best will in the world my baby is no longer safely on my computer hard drive...sheltered and protected from criticism and an editor's red pen.

And now after I've hit the send button the doubts creep in...

What makes you think your baby is anything special....
What makes you think your baby is special...deserving of consideration...what makes you think the editor won't just hit the delete button... and so the doubts gnaw and grow.

At least in the old days of snail mail...editors opened letters....maybe it took them six months to reply but hey the trusty mail always got through....and we learned to fear the fat envelope. Now with cyber post we sit and wait just as long as we ever did in the days of snail mail.

Did the e-mail arrive? did it get lost in cyberspace was that why we never received and acknowledgement?

Then when you do get a response...."I have it and will get to it soon"

Three years later?.... well I guess everyone's definition of soon does differ a little.

But with this latest submission....what do you know...a friendly personalised response by return me a specified time frame within which I should receive a reply.

And thanking me soooooooooo much... for all my effort.

Now I realise this is an automated response but it did leave me, disillusioned trouper that I am, with a warm and fuzzy feeling.  Long may it continue.

And it is the spur I need to work to get my next baby ready to meet the world.
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