Thursday, September 15, 2011

New a new lease on life

Today is a special day on two fronts....

I've started on a new project writing the third book in my Katherine Bay trilogy...and the ideas are flowing thick and fast...among the characters that we are going  to meet again are Dave Scanlan the elderly proprietor of The Clam Shack and his affable but eccentric ginger tomcat Tom. I can't get the pesky creature out of my mind since I was pulled up on a POV change in Shadow Dance had to cut him out of that book.  And the irascible Mrs Wilson who Jace Mullein infamously accused of being "weaned on a lemon" an expression gleaned from my late reference to an aunt who shall remain nameless.

I do love this first creative rush when the words flow. And yes Bob Mayer I have the idea in twenty five words front and foremost in my mind.  I don't worry too much about editing at this stage.... I've taken Susan Mallory's words of wisdom to heart... "You can edit a page of words. It's very difficult  to edit a blank page."

The other reason today is special....I spent all day yesterday at the Cardiac Clinic at Waikato hospital and was given a heart health tick. It has been a worry for over a month now after visiting my GP with a heavy cold and ended up having an ECG.  
The nurse doing the procedure came around the corner of the screen and said to quite worried...."You have a pacemaker?"  More than a little startled my response was instantaneous..."Not unless the aliens have been at me, I haven't. I'm almost certain I would know if I had a pacemaker!"
Back came the response. "Well the machine says you have one."
A second nurse entered the clinic and redid the ECG the results of which  indicated part of my heart was not working.... well I was a little concerned after all people don't live long without a is kind of vital.
After having a workout on the treadmill and apart from being a tad puffed the cardiologist said my heart and arteries were in good shape.
Which leaves one very big question mark over the health of the machine that did the first test!
Looks like I'll live to "finish another damn book."
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