Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Sex Scenes my bete noir

I can't  believe it.

I've finished the damn quote Barbara Clendon.

Mind you I thought it was finished before I did this last lot of revisions.... then I got the feedback from Readers in the Clendon award took a hard critical look.

But I've worked it over and it's as polished as I can make it.
I've cut out anything that didn't work...I've given every minor character their day on the page.

One comment from the Clendon really hit home... there was not enough intimacy between the hero and heroine.

I must confess writing sex scenes give me the heebies.

One part of me says no's voyeurism.  Another part says....people will think that's what my sex life is like....and yet another part least my mother won't read it.

Then today for a break from my work I picked up a book from my conference goodie bag and started to read that...and my was not hot.... it was enough to leave scorched earth in its wake...
A far cry from the early M&B where one never ventured past the bedroom door.

And I really enjoyed what does that make me? A prude.  Worried I went back and re-read the sex scenes in my WIP.  And they aren't exactly tame...

Then I had a duh the time I've laboured over every word those scenes don't have the same zing as the ones in a book I'm reading for the first time.

My critique partner said my first kiss scene was one of the best she's ever read.

Now I await her verdict on the  the full blown sex scenes. And then I sincerely hope Sue Grimshaw  likes it too.
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