Saturday, October 1, 2011

Experiencing The Thrill...and The Sorrow

Once some one asked me what I loved reply is invariably family, reading, gardening,reading, writing reading oh and just in case you didn't get it reading. Today I really appreciate being able to say I've enjoyed what to me is a timeless thrill...a good read.

Never has this been more poignant and underscored as I watched my younger brother struggling to make himself understood. He is twelve months past a massive stroke....and like every member in our family he was an avid he can't read or understand a word. 

But we should and do rejoice....he is alive and not too physically impaired...and every time we see him we see a noticeable improvement in his speech...and his comprehension is improving. We live in hope some of his former competency with the written word will return.  

So for me to be able to sit down and enjoy losing myself in a good a blessing. And one I will never again take for granted.  
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