Thursday, October 6, 2011

New Voices Competition

For the first time I've entered Mills & Boon new voices competition. An interesting exercise on two fronts.

There are some truly fascinating entries by some very talented writers on the romance is not dead site. Readers are encouraged to leave comments and evaluate out of 100%. And the comments themselves are a fascinating insight into how writers evaluate other writers.

There are the people who offer insightful and valuable analysis to assist an obviously new writer and then there are the other ones who even going so far as to provide a half page list of every grammatical error... and yet another who commented that one writer's effort was chunder-bucket worthy.
Ouch!    Even more so when I read that critical commenter's was a clever expose of language with no emotion or heart. The entry she was so critical of was a fantastic effort that brought tears to my eyes. 

To me this is so unkind and unnecessary and neither helpful or encouraging. It's always been my policy when leaving comments to look for the positives and make positive helpful comments. You can always get editorial assistance to fix up the nuts and bolts of grammar's a hell of a lot harder to inject heart into glib, superficial writing.     
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