Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Rugby World Cup

What a thrilling nail biting finale to the Rugby World Cup. There was dead silence in our lounge during those last tense ten minutes when one mistake could have cost us so dearly.  But our boys in Black did New Zealand proud.    They beat the French 8-7. Go the mighty All Blacks!!!!!

In case you're wondering no I'm not a sports fanatic but I'm sure no one in this country wasn't aware we were a nation caught up in rugby fever. For the past forty five days we could push to one side the tragedies of the past twelve months....the devastating Canterbury earthquakes, the tragedy of  Pike River and the wreck of the Rena that has caused such havoc to our coasts.... and relax and enjoy the rugby.

All the problems still lie in wait for us.... the men of Pike River have yet to be brought home for their families... the massive rebuild of Christchurch still has to be accomplished and the Rena still lies wrecked on the Astrolabe Reef and we now have to face a general election and a financial crisis.... but for a few blissful days we pushed all that aside and enjoyed a fantastic spectacle.  And seeing Richie McCaw lift the Webb Ellis Trohpy lifted the spirits of this weary nation.

The hosting of the World Cup put New Zealand on the world stage for all the right reasons. And The Chairman of the IRB summed it up in one sentence. We, this small nation of 4 million people, have set the bar by which all future World Cups will be judged.

The the finest accolade of all.  Well done  New Zealand.  I am so very proud to be a New Zealander.
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