Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Critique Partners-----the value of fresh eyes.

It is always a thrill when I get a chapter returned by my critique partners. 
As I scroll through and see their comments...I find myself saying out loud, 'Now why didn't I see that?'  or 'Of course she's right. It's too soon for my hero and heroine to touch.'

Yesterday I was returning the favour----and having some-one knowledgeable critique your work is a huge favour----I was picking up on so many things---quite often little things that would make my partner's already interesting story sing. 

But one mistake I see repeated over and over, both in my partners' writing and in contests I've helped judge is writers mistaking sexual thoughts for sexual tension when they are very different aspects.  
Sexual tension is where the vibes between characters almost leaps off the page and can be triggered by the smallest a knuckle grazing down a cheek or the touch of a hand on hair. 
A guy having lascivious thoughts page after page doesn't equate to the sexual tension an editor expects from a romance. It is a fine line to draw---but when a writer strikes the right balance it guarantees the reader a great read.  

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