Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Death of a Much Loved Sister

There are times when life becomes overwhelming. Received the sad news that my sister Pat has lost her battle with cancer. The hardest part is that she and her entire family live in Australia and although I've been over to visit her twice in the past year and had many many phone conversations the distance and logistics creates  difficulties. Times like this you need physical contact. All my other siblings are here in New Zealand and three of us, who live in the same town, sat and mourned together last night.

Pat's favourite flowers are roses and irises and I went out into my garden and picked a bowl of bearded irises and brought them inside.

My dearest memory...when I visited her last and couldn't sleep we spent half the night sharing her double bed holding hands and talking. She recounted the memory when I was a baby in hospital with pneumonia, before antibiotics. My dad visited me and found me cold, wet and crying in the cot. Horrified by the neglect, he put me under his great coat and brought me home so mum could  care for me properly.  When he got home he opened his coat and the whole family laughed and cried at the surprise he brought them.
I don't remember, but each of my older sisters have shared this memory with me so it must be true.

Sleep well Pat, and may you enjoy the flowers in God's Garden. We will miss you.
The petals of life may softly fall but gently God stoops and gathers them all.
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