Thursday, November 3, 2011

Misty Provencher...Nothing Cannot Happen Today

Misty is the author of Cornerstone an intriguing novel that has me wondering where the story is going.  She lost her agent and decided to publish her novel on her blog, a chapter a week.

It is an intriguing tale of an ordinary girl who is leading an extraordinary life. Nalena lives with her mother, a compulsive hoarder of paper.  They live in a house where reams of paper form towers that fill every room. The bath and the disconnected stove become repositories for paper each sheet filled with one sentence novels.

Nalena is sure her mother is insane.... and who can blame her.... and struggles to believe her mother's explanation.  I can't wait for the next episode....

This is a novel that should have found a publisher but when Misty lost her agent she decided to publish it for free on her blog and judging by her fan base it has been a popular decision.

Her decision is a courageous one and, as a fellow author who has been battling rejections for far too long, I can sympathise with Misty and I applaud her for her decision....and wish her well with her future as an author.
This is the link for her novel.

Cornerstone-- Nothing Cannot Happen Today
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