Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Rena Breaks Up-- the shipwreck saga continues.

Debris on Waihi Beach...Milk powder and timber
It seems so long ago that I was infuriated by a cargo ship running aground near out beautiful pristine beaches. Well the unthinkable has happened, The Rena has split in two and once again our beaches are littered with broken shipping containers, timber and tonnes of milk powder to name a few items.

It is high summer...not that the weather gods take notice of such a minor detail...and all our beaches are closed because of the danger posed by floating debris.

Huge timber poles litter the beach. A swimmer would be smashed if one of those ginormous hunks of timber caught them in the surf. The stench is indescribable. But on a lighter note there must have been surgical gloves on that container ship as well. They litter the beach every few feet. But far more serious any worrisome is the amount of dangerous chemicals on board the boat.     

The cost is mounting by the day...and to salvage the sunken boat...lying next to a popular dive reef...using divers is expected to cost in the region or $NZ190,000 a day.  Holy guacamole. This is on top of the millions already spent.

And like all New Zealanders, we love the beach.  How can such a disaster happen in this day and age?

The only positive to the whole debacle is the hundreds of volunteers giving up their time to help clean up the mess.    
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