Friday, February 24, 2012

Computerese and Publishing Pitfalls

Deciding to re-publish my earlier books on Amazon has been an amazing experience and not without its pitfalls. Despite following their instructions to the letter there are still glitches in formatting.

So being a perfectionist...I decided to have the books professionally formatted.

And in doing so I've had a crash course in computerese. Michael Zapp sent me a very straighforward attachment outlining what I needed to do so he could format the e-books for me. Well to him they were straight me anything but.
So help was needed. Romance writers are a diverse group and help is always at hand for those who need it. fortunately one such lady lives at the end of my street and I sent out an urgent call to Gracie.
She certainly never disapponted.
I now know what a pilbrow is and what a useful little gizmo it is.
I discovered there were heaps of hidden formatting thingies among the hidden hyphens..optional hyphens...tabs and a host of other squirrels hiding among my text that I couldn't see.
So to quote my friend Kris "I needed to learn my computer was more than a clever typewriter." 
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