Saturday, March 24, 2012

Learning and Workshops

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The one thing I enjoy about writing is, as a writer, you're never done with learning.
No matter how much you already know, there is always more interesting lessons to learn.  I've been doing an interactive workshop through RWNZ with the lovely Susan Meier.

What a steep learning curve and what an excellent tutor.
The course on Can This Manuscript Be Saved is an excellent resource for writers.  The questions asked by writers and Susan's answers are both informative and very constructive.

The one thing that truly stands out in the writing community, is everyone's willingness to help other writers. No question is deemed to basic or irrelevant. And this course is no exception.

Susan is running another course on-line on Conflict and I am going to sign on for that one too.

Susan's  blog is also a great one for writers keen to improve their mastery of the craft. Visit Susan's blog you won't be disappointed.

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