Saturday, April 28, 2012

Life in a Country Town

Martin enjoying horse love in our driveway
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There is an old saying in our part of the can take the girl/guy out of the country but you can't take the country out of the girl/guy.

This photo encapsulates this sentiment. Wherever there is a horse you will inevitably see my husband.

And even in our small East Waikato town, in our driveway no less, he found two horses to admire. Horses have played a big part in his life. As a child he rode a horse 3 miles to his local school in the days before there were school buses.

In both our childhoods, horses were the mainstay of farming life. My father never owned a tractor. Long after every other farmer in our district had turned to mechanisation, my father had his trusty draught horses, Socks and Prince to haul hay, fencing materials and any other loads to heavy for him to haul alone. When he sold his farm he admitted to shedding a tear when he saw his last horse, Neddy looking out over the top of the stock truck and whinnying at him as he was driven away to his new home. It's hard to imagine feeling that nostalgic about a piece of machinery.       

My father-in-law spent years working with horses and always talked of plowing 1000acres of land on the Maniatoto Plains in Otago as a young man, but he moved over to tractors.

So with this back ground you can imagine my husband's joy to hear the once familiar clip clop of hooves down our very urban street and straight way he was out there to touch and admire the two patient, gentle horses giving school children a holiday treat.

It was a treat that also made this retired farmer's day.
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