Saturday, May 12, 2012

The End is In sight.

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When my editor told me my writing was old fashioned and I needed to change my style, my first reaction was:


My second reaction after reading through her critique a second and third time: this is do-able.

Now that the end of this rewrite is in sight I realise her insight was spot-on. The difference is incredible.
It has been a real learning curve and I am now eagerly awaiting her response.

The sense of accomplishment is worth the exercise alone.

On another front I now have my ITIN after a lengthy wait.

Now that I have the coveted number, I now need to forward it to Amazon. So following their instructions I set about doing it only to come to a shuddering stop.

Please submit in wet ink......scratching my head I was stumped until I realised they wanted a hard copy filled out and posted by snail mail.

Just how we supplied legal forms in the olden days when we were young.

Wet ink!!!  I have to admit that is a new one on me.  

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