Saturday, July 21, 2012

Proof Reading

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Don't you just hate it.

Your precious manuscript that you've sweated and slaved over for months or even years is returned to you and you eagerly load it on your kindle and there smack bang in the middle of the very first paragraph is an error.  It's about now that bashing your head against the wall seems like a very good idea.

This happened to me yesterday.

Shadow Dance came by return email neatly formatted and ready to upload.

I saw that pesky comma which, even to my comma challenged eye, was in the wrong place. I don't know what it is about commas...those pesky little critters defeat me at every turn. I have studied books on the subject...had their use explained by experts and still I manage to get them wrong.

Now I err on the side  of caution and use too few instead of too many.

But that aside...I took the chance and read the whole novel on my Kindle. Errors jumped out at me and made me cringe. How could I miss so many? After all I'd read and re-read this manuscript umpteen times. And I'd given it one final assiduous check before I sent it off.

But on the credit I read my novel in book form...I felt a thrill of pride. Why? Because the few errors I found, although they annoyed me no end, didn't really detract from my reading pleasure.

At one stage I found myself caught up in a sense of disbelief. Did I really dream up and write this yarn? It reads like a real book!

On that this space. Shadow Dance will appear on Amazon very soon.

Readers will get the chance to read the entry that was Highly Commended in the 2011 Clendon Award.  
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