Monday, August 13, 2012

On Being A Writer

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One thing about being a writer is that you keep on beavering away at your typewriter for years.

Despite the rejections.  Despite the setbacks. Despite periods of depression when you seriously doubt you have one Buckley's chance of ever breaking through the glass ceiling. Despite the self-doubts that whisper away in the back of your mind...the doubts that gather and chorus cheerfully "You're no good. What makes you think anyone will want to read your pathetic scribbles"  

Yet despite it all, you're drawn back to the keyboard, again and again. It has a siren call like no other.

Now writers like myself, who've found it impossible, for one reason or another to break through the glass ceiling and be taken up one of the BIG SIX, there is another option.

Self Publishing.

For many years anyone who self published was looked down upon and scorned by those who'd managed to break through the glass ceiling. Not any more.

In the past two years the face of publishing is a dramatically changing landscape. With the advent of Amazon's self publishing programme, authors can now go it alone.  And both traditionally published authors and those who have found it impossible to get a toe in the door, have another very viable option.

Many mid-list authors have discovered this changing landscape means they get dropped by their publisher. The shrinking number of books shops means that fewer authors, some of them very big names, can penetrate that glass ceiling.

The opposite side of this coin is that there are more and more dissatisfied readers out there. Readers craving something different from porridge smooth offerings at skyrocketing prices. Amazon offers readers the choice to buy direct from the author. And the author no longer has to recieve the smallest slice of the pie for all their hard work. After all the BIG 6 amassed all their New York Real Estate by rising on the backs of hardworking authors.  

So as you can imagine this review of Shadow Dance warmed my heart and went some way to easing my doubts.  
5.0 out of 5 stars heart pounding read July 21, 2012
By Holley
Format:Kindle Edition
Shirley Wine is a new favourite of mine. Love her strong characters and the romantic New Zealand setting. This romance left me hungering for more.
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