Friday, September 14, 2012

Changes are in the wind

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There is an old proverb that goes something like this; The only constant in this world is change.

And change is indeed in the wind for me. Im finding it increasingly difficult to keep up with my blogs and the changes needed on my website as well as concentrate on my writing.

So I've employed a web designer to streamline my online presence. We are aiming for an early to mid October  launch.

My blog will then be located on my website along with all the information about upcoming books.

I am in the process of making decisions.
  1. What look am I aiming for
  2. What shall I include
  3. What shall I leave out.

The only thing definite at the moment is that I want a NZ theme. I am honoured and feel blessed that I live in such a beautiful country.


The edits are coming along nicely for Lovers' Lies.

This book started life as my entry into the M&B New voices 2011. And after taking all the comments of readers on board as well as comments from my critique partners and beta readers it has morphed into  Lover's Lies.    

Here is a preview of the cover for Keir and Victoria's story.

Once this book is up then I need to finish the edits on

One Hour To Midnight and finish writing the third book in the series

The Mulleins of Katherine Bay.

With this workload ahead of me it makes good sense to streamline my website so I only have to deal with one site instead of three.

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