Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Last Post

I am a little sad to announce that this will be my last post from this site. 

When I first started this blog I have  to confess that I really did wonder what I would find to fill the posts...but as those who have been regular followers you'll know that in blogging, as in life, events happen...

Who would have imagined NZ's worst environmental disaster, the grounding of the Rena, would happen on my doorstep?
That Christchurch would be destroyed by earthquakes or Japan by a tsunami?
Or that we'd loose so many good men at Pike River in our worst mine disaster ever? That I would mourn the death of a loved friend and colleague, Sandra Hyatt.

As someone once said, and I forget who.... Life is what happens while men make plans.

My new website is now up and running so do visit me and gain a glimpse of our beautiful country. My blog posts, books and all  other useful information is now on this one site.

Aroahanui ..... farewell

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