Thursday, August 1, 2013

A Five Step Approach to Time Management

5 ways to save time....

In 2013 people are so time poor....How often do you hear someone cry.... "I don't have the time?

Tired of being bombarded from every direction and spreading myself too thinly, I've worked out a strategy to cut down on unnecessary demands on my time.

  • Deleted the blogs I'd created for my individual books ... I've recently taken a course in SEO optimisation and learned, rather to my dismay that cross posting is very counterproductive with the way Google and other search engines work. Each post should have fresh content every time I post.... if I did that on over seven blogs when would I ever find time to write books?

  • Step one...streamline your blogs to make them time productive...

  • Step two .....Unsubscribe from email lists that clutter up your inbox .

  • I unsubscribed from emails that eat into my valuable time.  With several hundred emails everyday,  I unsubscribed from Flybys, Reader's Digest, grocery stores, AA smart fuel and countless others.  

  • Step three ... still with email....go digest on important loops. this keeps you abreast  of important news, but keeps them all together in one email.

  • Step four ... make a list of blog topics .... gather any useful info in one file so you can readily find a subject to post when you are facing a deadline...

  • Step five ... programme your time to ensure you have time for friends and family ... it's too late when some-one dies to wish that you'd made time to go and see them.


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