Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Seven For A Secret by Shirley Wine .... on sale for .99 cents

Seven For A Secret   by  Shirley Wine

On Sale .... for a limited time only  ... 99 cents

Why had she never known her life was one colossal lie?

When a posthumous letter from her father destroys Anna Belmonte's sense of identity ... she goes in search of her birthmother and the truth.

Accosted by Slade Haultain, her birthmother's step-son, Anna visits Puriri Downs,  Slade's huge sheep and cattle station high in the Kaimai Ranges. 

After years resisting her father's attempts to coerce her into an arranged marriage, Anna is leery of men and considers marriage and a career in art incompatible.  The instantaneous attraction between her and Slade makes her question this decision.... perhaps it's possible to have it all. Marriage, children and a career as an artist....

Then in one horrifying the dead hand of her father reached beyond the grave and Anna learns there are some secrets that are never meant to be told ...   

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