Sunday, December 29, 2013

The Year in Review

The year in review

2013 is almost done and dusted … and at this time of the year it’s great to look back at the past year and reflect on acheivements and also those things that could we could have done better…

Firstly what I could have done better …

For a little while I have been asking blog readers to sign up for my regular newsletters… but there’s only been one problem…trying to create a newsletter using Mailchimp. Creating a newsletter sounds so good, but it has provided me with yet another steep learning curve… Last week I decided to recitfy this omission and created my first newsletter to send out to all those regular readers of my blog who have signed up to receive it. The newsletter wasn’t perfect … to my chargrin I found two typos… but now that I’ve worked out the bascis … next time it won’t seem such a daunting prospect.   You can sign-up for my newsletters at

This year I have written and published two books and am halfway through a third.
In April  The Farmer Takes A Wife,  the third book in the trilogy The Mulleins of Katherine Bay was published and is now available on all sales platforms.
Kayla’s Christmas, a fun flirty romance set in Akaroa was published just in time for Christmas and the holidays. It is available on Amazon and the iBookstore

Plans for 2014
First DH and I are planning a summer holiday … and then I aim to finish Logan Sinclair’s story by the Southern autumn…. Logan is Keir Donovan’s step-brother in Lovers’ Lies… provisionally titled “The Return of The Prodigal” … Logan returns to Darkhaven with a load of baggage and has to face the people he hurt and an unimaginable grief …

And the plan is to revisit Katherine Bay and one of my favourite characters Cassie Piper, the witchy woman with the gift of “the sight”.

Wishing all my loyal readers and fans a joyful and productive New Year… and regular newsletters.      
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